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No to Black Friday; hello to Green Friday.

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No to Black Friday; hello to Green Friday.

Black Friday is a bizarre phenomenon of Western consumerism. While being an integral day to the sales of small businesses it also characterizes many of the issues developed by our lowest price wins, race to the bottom. Green Friday may bring the same sales, but hopefully it brings a different perspective. 

Being a small, retail focused business is hard. Really hard. Black Friday was first coined as an industry term as it was typically the first day of the year where retail businesses became profitable, or in the black. 11 months into a 12 month year. 

In the US especially it has blown up into a circus of consumerism, greed, and just a little bit of psychotic people watching delight. We're trying to buck that trend by joining in with fellow BC brands like TenTree and Sitka to focus a little of this 'holiday' on giving back. 

While a trend is growing to close down on Black Friday rather than give into the teaming masses of open wallets; the truth is, we rely on these moments to expand our audience, gain new customers, and tell more people about the story of Coast Protein. 

If you want to support us in changing this day as well, check out our store. 


Why we're giving to Canopy.

There are a lot of fantastic groups in Canada and the USA that are working to mitigate climate change. It is impossible to pick one that is the single best. I, Dylan, really love canopy because of the way they deploy capital and support businesses to explore their models to create more sustainable and more robust supply chains. Their approach to creating sustainable economies and building better businesses is why I started Coast Protein in the first place.