Dylan Jones | Founder

Dylan views small value-driven businesses as the catalyst for great change in the Canadian economy. He created the idea of Coast Protein to see food production and protein consumption to be completely disrupted. Dylan's drive for a more sustainable future comes from his love for Canada's winters and deep, deep powder snow. 

Chris Baird | Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Chris uses his passion for building up start ups into established brands to take on the challenge of introducing the West Coast to cricket protein. Keen to connect consumers with their food, Chris uses his position at the forefront of impact-focused marketing to spread the message about alternative proteins and the food of the future. 

John Larigakis | Co-Founder & Creative Director

John brings a wealth of advertising and design experience to the team and loves using his skills for the greater good. His work has gone on to win numerous international marketing awards and named him Marketing Magazine's top 30 under 30. He's behind Coast's branding, design, and marketing creative, and loves the challenge of making a new disruptive product accessible to everyone.

Stefanie Di Giovanni | Partner & Head of R&D

Driven by a love of healthy eating, Holistic Nutritionist Stefanie has been sneaking vegetables into cakes for as long as she can remember. As a child she ate so many carrots and pumpkins that she started to turn orange and she developed her love of unique cuisines with adventurous food tours in Istanbul and Tokyo. Now Coast Protein’s resident healthy chef is in charge of making cricket protein bars that hit all the nutritional notes and taste amazing.